History Acts will be back with a new programme of workshops this January in association with Raphael Samuel History Centre.

Founded in 2016 at the University of London, History Acts brings together radical and left-wing historians and contemporary activists. As activist academics, we want to find new ways to engage with contemporary struggles, to learn from those involved in organising on the front line, and to use what expertise and institutional resources we have to provide active solidarity and support.

Over 2016 and 2017, workshops in London and Birmingham focused on the Labour left, gender violence, new unions, migration, housing, the media, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Not only have there been exciting and inspiring conversations, but we have seen networks, connections and collaborations being formed and sustained between academics and activists across these areas.

Continuing this work, our 2018 series of workshops will take place in London on the third Tuesday of every term-time month. Details of topics, speakers and venues will follow in due course. Sessions are free and open to any historian, any history student, or anyone interested in how history can work for social and political change.

If you are interested in getting involved in the organisation of History Acts or participating in a workshop, email Steffan Blayney at