Calls For Research 01 Prisons

The first call for research comes from the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) which is a prisoner-led section of the Industrial Workers of the World. IWOC spoke at the most recent History Acts on Prison Abolition.

IWOC are looking for historical research on:

  • the role of public sector unions in influencing penal policy, prison expansion, prison regimes, etc
  • the role of the private sector as above
  • the historical role of prison labour. continuities and discontinuities (including between institutions, eg. workhouses and later prisons). changing composition of industries. introduction and development of private sector contracts, etc.
  • revenues and expenditure
  • impacts of prisons on local, regional, and national public and community sector service provision (eg. healthcare).
  • the role of reforms in expansion or innovation (eg. significant population increase following introduction of parole). especially the relationship between decarceration and the implementation of alternative disciplinary technologies.
  • the exchange between domestic and colonial prisons

They are also┬áreally up for ongoing communication, so if people do know of any research in these areas we’d really appreciate an email, and that we’re really happy to share any research we’ve done ourselves with researchers in the field – so just get in touch!

To discuss this further please contact
Please title your email ‘Relevant Research’.

IWOC unfurl a banner at History Acts 14, Prison Abolition – Tuesday 22 January 2019