How can workers organise, resist & protect themselves during this pandemic

Tuesday 28 April 6:30pm – 8:30pm


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History Acts 19 – The Work Crisis

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SWARM – Sex Worker Advocacy & Resistance Movement is a collective founded and led by sex workers who believe in self-determination, solidarity and co-operation. They campaign for the rights and safety of everyone who sells sexual services. Together they organise skill-shares and support meet-ups just for sex workers, as well as public events. They are UK-based and part of the global sex worker-led movement advocating the full decriminalisation of sex work.

Ian Hodson, National President, Bakers, Food & Allied Workers Union (BFAWU). The BFAWU has recently been organising the McDonalds strikes. During the crisis the union is campaigning for employers to top-up the wages of furloughed fast-food and hospitality workers to 100%. 

Henry Lopez, President, Independent Workers Union of Great Britain Union (IWGB). The IWGB is a small, independent trade union, whose members are predominantly low paid migrant workers in London. The union was founded in 2012. The IWGB is a campaigning union, which has waged a number of high profile campaigns such as the 3 Cosas Campaign (sick pay, holidays, and pensions) at the University of London.


Dr Erin Maglaque is an early modern historian at the University of Sheffield. She is currently at work on a new project on care work and the family in early modern Italy.

Dr Jack Saunders is a labour historian. His work looks at the history of work in the NHS and in the motor industry. He currently teaches twentieth-century British history at Kings College London.