History Acts launched

History Acts was launched today at the ‘What is Radical History?’ Conference. We decided to present a short proposal to the conference, and then open up our plans to scrutiny and appraisal.

Some extremely useful points were made in this discussion:

  • Our first meeting is planned for the night of the general election (whoops!).
  • Many projects are already underway, and plenty of historians are also activists.
  • Libraries, museums and archives are often better at doing outreach work than universities.
  • Projects can be short, one-offs or very long term.
  • Not all radical activities fit neatly under the label “activism”.
  • Many small activist projects need help recording their own history.

We will be posting an online version of the presentation shortly, and will try to incorporate these and other points people raised more informally.

Meanwhile our mailing list is now online here. Please do sign up.

We look forward to seeing you in May.